A filemap is a configuration option in Kore that allows mapping of on-disk files to a URI root.

A filemap must be declared inside of a domain block.

domain {
    filemap        /3.2.0/        docs_3_2_0

The first argument is the URI root and the second is the on-disk path where the files will be served from.

Thus from the example above the URL /3.2.0/index.html will be served from the file docs_3_2_0/index.html.

Kore has the following built-in MIME types:

Extension MIME type
gif image/gif
png image/png
jpeg image/jpeg
jpg image/jpeg
zip application/zip
pdf application/pdf
json application/json
js application/javascript
htm text/html
txt text/plain
css text/css
html text/html

Additional MIME types can be added via the http_media_type configuration option.

http_media_type [mime type] ext1 ext2 extN

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