Privilege separation

Unless explicitly started to not do so, Kore will force each of its processes to run under different users and chroots.

There are 3 process types that can be configured for privsep:

  • worker
  • keymgr
  • acme

An example on configuring the worker processes to run as user kore, with a chroot under /var/chroot/kore.

privsep worker {
    # The user the workers will run as.
    runas        kore

    # The root directory for the worker processes, if chroot isn't
    # skipped, this is the directory it will chroot into.
    # If not set, Kore will take the current working directory.
    root        /var/chroot/kore

    # We could configure this process to not chroot and only
    # chdir into its root directory.
    #skip        chroot


Important If you are running Kore chrooted and privilege separated (which you should be doing production), Kore will require /dev/urandom to be created under the chroot environment for both the keymgr and worker processes.

Failing to do so will prevent your application from working.

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